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The Haas Business Valuation Services Difference

      Too often, business valuations are done mechanically, essentially by formula, with no insight by the appraiser.  We don't work this way.  Instead, we focus on finding the missing numbers, the hidden transaction, the absent piece of that complex puzzle upon which many business valuations center -- and we do this in a manner that is supportable in a court of law or before the Internal Revenue Service.  In other words, we "get it right."

      These twin aims -- getting behind the numbers and producing legally credible work -- set us apart from our competitors.  In fact, they define the Haas Business Valuation Services difference.  That difference, in turn, stems from the broad background of R. Victor Haas, Jr., President and Founder.  Both CPA and business valuation expert, Haas holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  He has worked with one of the "Big 6" accounting firms and for a large Philadelphia bank where he sold closely-held businesses and provided their financing.

      It is this dual foundation of "real world" pragmatism and analytic academics that gives Haas Business Valuation Services its creative, problem-solving orientation.  And, quite frankly, solving the problem -- the investigative aspect of valuation -- is something few firms are either eager or able to undertake.  We, however, enjoy this part of business valuation services and do it efficiently and effectively.  Haas and his associates have authored several hundred reports, many of which have been the basis of expert testimony.

      Good business valuation is not the application of routine accounting principles.  Rather, it is the engagement of the principles of corporate finance:  understanding the underlying investment risks and rewards of each business we are asked to value.  It also entails a solid grounding in those approaches to valuation which are used in the courtroom, before the IRS, and in the marketplace.

      This is what our clients have come to expect from us:  timely, credible, and competent business valuations and accounting services from one source which can, if necessary, stand up under the scrutiny of courtroom cross-examination.  And our established track record proves clients can expect efficient work for a reasonable fee, delivered in a timely manner, by a team of proactive, litigation-savvy professionals.

      Cost-effective, reliable results that work -- the Haas Business Valuation Services difference.