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Representative Engagements

A federal bankruptcy trustee in Baltimore engaged us to derive the market value of a company whose value was disputed by debtors and creditors.  Central to our work was the investigation of suspected irregularities in the books and records of the subject company.  Our expert witness testimony concerning our findings led to a settlement in the case. One of Pennsylvania's largest matrimonial law firms asked us to provide court testimony regarding the value of a multimillion dollar national mining supply business.  In addition, we offered rebuttal testimony to the owner's (husband's) representation of the business value as well as his assets and liabilities with regard to the marital estate, successfully presenting the court with compelling evidence as to the substantial understatement of both. A well-known international law firm asked us to determine the value of the goodwill of a client's dairy products company for estate planning purposes, which we did.  When the company was sold a year later, we were again asked to assist estate counsel with the negotiations.  The company ultimately sold for the value we had estimated -- an amount in excess of $10 million.